class CutterPlugin

Public Functions

virtual ~CutterPlugin() = default
virtual void setupPlugin() = 0

Initialize the Plugin.

called right when the plugin is loaded initially

virtual void setupInterface(MainWindow *main) = 0

Setup any UI components for the Plugin.

called after Cutter’s core UI has been initialized


main – the MainWindow to add any UI to

inline virtual void registerDecompilers()

Register any decompiler implemented by the Plugin.

called during initialization of Cutter, after setupPlugin()

inline virtual void terminate()

Shutdown the Plugin.

called just before the Plugin is deleted. This method is usually only relevant for Python Plugins where there is no direct equivalent of the destructor.

virtual QString getName() const = 0
virtual QString getAuthor() const = 0
virtual QString getDescription() const = 0
virtual QString getVersion() const = 0