Command-line Options


Cutter [options] [<filename> | –project <project>]



Filename to open. If not specified file selection dialog will be shown.

-h, --help

Displays help on command-line options.


Displays help including Qt specific options.

-v, --version

Displays version information.

-A, --analysis <level>

When opening a file automatically perform analysis at a given level. Requires <filename> to be specified. Following levels are available:


No analysis.




aaaa (experimental)

-a, --arch <arch>

Sets a specific architecture name.

-b, --bits <bits>

Sets a specific architecture bits.

-c, --cpu <cpu>

Sets a specific CPU.

-o, --os <os>

Sets a specific operating system.

-e, --endian <big|little>

Sets the endianness (big or little).

-F, --format <name>

Force using a specific file format (bin plugin).

-B, --base <base address>

Load binary at a specific base address.

-m, --map <map address>

Map the binary at a specific address.

-i <file>

Run script file.

-p, --project <file>

Load project file.

-w, --writemode

Open a file in write mode, instead of the default read-only mode. When used together with -A/–analysis <level>, it will open a file directly in write mode without any further dialog or confirmation.

-P, --phymode

Disables virtual addressing.

--pythonhome <PYTHONHOME>

PYTHONHOME to use for the embedded python interpreter.


Disable output redirection. Some of the output in the console widget will not be visible. Use this option when debugging a crash or freeze and output redirection is causing some messages to be lost.


Start cutter with all plugins disabled. Implies --no-cutter-plugins and --no-rizin-plugins.


Start cutter with cutter plugins disabled.


Start cutter with rizin plugins disabled.