Common Issues

This page lists common issues encountered by users.

AppImage Crashes

If the Linux AppImage binary crashes upon startup, make sure your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable is empty. For a detailed explanation, see the issue #579

Keyboard Layout Issue

Some people report that they have keyboard issues. Usually it is because the Xorg layout is wrong. You can check it with: setxkbmap -query Most of the time using setxkbmap us solves the issue, but it might not be enough and require a more advanced Xorg configuration.

Initial Analysis takes a long time or Cutter UI freezes

Cutter and Rizin currently don’t work very well with large and very large binaries. The exact limits depend on the content of the binary, but roughly a few MB can be considered large and may take a few minutes to analyze. More than 100MB is very large, analysis with default settings will likely take a very long time and it might occasionally freeze the UI during usage.

If the analysis takes longer than 5-15 minutes it is recommended to retry it with different analysis options. In the “Load Options” dialog, move the analysis slider to the right in order to reach the “Advanced Analysis” view. This view will help you learn more about the options that can be used to more selectively analyze only the relevant parts of code.