class Configuration

Inherits from QObject

Public Functions

void loadInitial()
void resetAll()
bool getAutoUpdateEnabled() const
void setAutoUpdateEnabled(bool au)
QLocale getCurrLocale() const

get the current Locale set in Cutter’s user configuration

a QLocale object describes user’s current locale

void setLocale(const QLocale &l)

sets Cutter’s locale

  • l: - a QLocale object describes the locate to configure

bool setLocaleByName(const QString &language)

set Cutter’s interface language by a given locale name

true on success
  • language: - a string represents the name of a locale language

QStringList getAvailableTranslations()

this function will gather and return available translation for Cutter

a list of all available translations

const QFont getFont() const
void setFont(const QFont &font)
bool windowColorIsDark()
void setLastThemeOf(const CutterInterfaceTheme &currInterfaceTheme, const QString &theme)
QString getLastThemeOf(const CutterInterfaceTheme &currInterfaceTheme) const
void setInterfaceTheme(int theme)
int getInterfaceTheme()
const CutterInterfaceTheme *getCurrentTheme()
QSyntaxHighlighter *createSyntaxHighlighter(QTextDocument *document)
QString getDirProjects()
void setDirProjects(const QString &dir)
QString getRecentFolder()
void setRecentFolder(const QString &dir)
void setNewFileLastClicked(int lastClicked)

Configuration::setFilesTabLastClicked Set the new file dialog last clicked tab.

  • lastClicked:

int getNewFileLastClicked()
QString getLogoFile()
void resetToDefaultAsmOptions()
int getGraphBlockMaxChars() const
void setGraphBlockMaxChars(int ch)
QString getColorTheme() const
void setColorTheme(const QString &theme)
void setColor(const QString &name, const QColor &color)

Configuration::setColor sets the local Cutter configuration color.

  • name: Color Name
  • color: The color you want to set

const QColor getColor(const QString &name) const
QVariant getConfigVar(const QString &key)

Get the value of a config var either from r2 or settings, depending on the key.

bool getConfigBool(const QString &key)
int getConfigInt(const QString &key)
QString getConfigString(const QString &key)
void setConfig(const QString &key, const QVariant &value)

Set the value of a config var either to r2 or settings, depending on the key.

Configuration::setConfig Set radare2 configuration value (e.g. “asm.lines”)

  • key:
  • value:

bool isFirstExecution()

check if this is the first time Cutter’s is executed on this computer

true if this is first execution; otherwise returns false.

QStringList getTranslationsDirectories() const

Get list of available translation directories (depends on configuration and OS)

list of directories

QString getSelectedDecompiler()

id of the last selected decompiler (see CutterCore::getDecompilerById)

void setSelectedDecompiler(const QString &id)
bool getDecompilerAutoRefreshEnabled()
void setDecompilerAutoRefreshEnabled(bool enabled)


signal Configuration::fontsUpdated
signal Configuration::colorsUpdated
signal Configuration::interfaceThemeChanged

Public Static Functions

const QList<CutterInterfaceTheme> &cutterInterfaceThemesList()
Configuration *instance()
bool nativeWindowIsDark()

Public Static Attributes

const QHash<QString, ColorFlags> relevantThemes = { { "ayu", DarkFlag }, { "consonance", DarkFlag }, { "darkda", DarkFlag }, { "onedark", DarkFlag }, { "solarized", DarkFlag }, { "zenburn", DarkFlag }, { "cutter", LightFlag }, { "dark", LightFlag }, { "matrix", LightFlag }, { "tango", LightFlag }, { "white", LightFlag } }
const QHash<QString, QHash<ColorFlags, QColor>> cutterOptionColors