class CutterSeekable : public QObject

Public Functions

explicit CutterSeekable(QObject *parent = nullptr)
inline void seek(RVA addr, CutterCore::SeekHistoryType type = CutterCore::SeekHistoryType::New)

seek changes current offset. If the seekable is synchronized with Core, then the Core offset will be modified and then the CutterCore::seekChanged signal will be emitted. In any case, CutterSeekable::seekableSeekChanged is emitted.

  • addr – the location to seek at.

  • type – the type of seek wrt history (Undo, Redo, or New)

void setSynchronization(bool sync)

setSynchronization sets Core seek synchronization.

RVA getOffset()

getOffset returns the seekable offset. If the seekable is synchronized with Core, this function is similar to Core()->getOffset. If it’s not synchronized, it will return the seekable current seek.


the seekable current offset.

bool isSynchronized()

isSynchronized tells whether the seekable is synchronized with Core or not.



void seekToReference(RVA offset)

seekToReference will seek to the function or the object which is referenced in a given offset


offset – - an address that contains a reference to jump to

Public Slots

void seekPrev()

seekPrev seeks to last location.

void toggleSynchronization()

toggleSyncWithCore toggles Core seek synchronization.


void seekableSeekChanged(RVA addr, CutterCore::SeekHistoryType type)
void syncChanged()