class TempConfig

Class for temporary modifying Rizin e configuration.

Modified values will be restored at the end of scope. This is useful when using a Rizin command that can only be configured using e configuration and doesn’t accept arguments. TempConfig::set calls can be chained. If a command or Rizin method accepts arguments directly it is preferred to use those instead of temporary modifying global configuration.

    TempConfig tempConfig;
    tempConfig.set("asm.arch", "x86").set("asm.comments", false);
    // config automatically restored at the end of scope

Public Functions

TempConfig() = default
TempConfig &set(const QString &key, const QString &value)
TempConfig &set(const QString &key, const char *value)
TempConfig &set(const QString &key, int value)
TempConfig &set(const QString &key, bool value)