Information Windows Menu

Info sub-menu

Description: This is a sub-menu of the Windows menu. It contains a list of available widgets to get more information about the opened binary.

Steps: Windows -> Info…

Show Classes

Description: List the classes that were detected in the binary.

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> Classes

Show Entry Points

Description: List the entry points of the binary

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> Entry Points

Show Exports

Description: Show a list of exported functions in the binary.

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> Exports

Shortcut: Shift + E

Show Flags

Description: Show the Flags widget. Flags are conceptually similar to bookmarks. They associate a name with a given offset in a file. Function names, strings, and more are considered flags.

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> Flags

Show Headers

Description: Show the Headers widget, displaying information about the opened file headers.

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> Headers

Show Imports

Description: Show the Imports widget with a list of all the imported functions required by the binary.

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> Imports

Shortcut: Shift + I

Show Relocations

Description: Show the Relocations widget, displaying a list of relocation information.

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> Relocs

Show Resources

Description: Show the resources widget, which contains a list of the resources inside the binary.

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> Resources

Show SDB Browser

Description: Show the SDB browser widget.

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> SDB Browser

Show Sections

Description: Show the Sections widget which contains a list of all the sections found in the binary. The view also contains a nice visualization of raw and virtual memory layout.

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> Sections

Show Segments

Description: Show the Segments widget with a list of the binary segments.

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> Segments

Show Symbols

Description: Show the Symbols widget, with a list of symbol information from the binary, such as function names, and more.

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> Symbols

Show VTables

Description: Show the VTables widget, which contains information about the Virtual Tables found in the binary.

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> VTables

Show Signatures

Description: Cutter supports the creation and the utilization of signatures. This widget lists all the signatures available to cutter.

Steps: Windows -> Info… -> Signatures