5 Ways to patch binaries with Cutter

I recently watched a video by LiveOverflow in which he showed how different tools are used to patch binaries. By demonstrating some of the features that Radare2, Ghidra, and Binary Ninja offer for the task, the viewer can get some sense of the things they can get from using these tools.

While all these tools are great, and although Radare2 was showed there (and oh boy, things went wrong), there was one tool, which is dear to my heart, that wasn’t there – Cutter. Notwithstanding that it is the youngest member of the pack, Cutter is growing up very fast and when it has to do with binary patching – it does not stay behind.

“Binary Patching”, for those the term is unfamiliar, is the process of applying small changes and modifications to a binary file, usually in order to change its behavior. By modifying data or code, the user can change certain values in the program or specific instructions, and adjust the binary to their desired outcome.

Cutter makes patching binaries a simple task - here are 5 ways to do so.

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Itay Cohen
Itay Cohen

Itay Cohen (aka Megabeets) is a security researcher and a reverse engineer. He is a maintainer of Cutter and a core member of Rizin.