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Refresh Contents

Description: In some cases, not all the displayed information on Cutter’s widgets will be up-to-date, for example - after defining a new function from the integrated Rizin console. By refreshing the contents, Cutter will fetch the most up to date information from the session and will update the different views.

*Note: In the future, Cutter will be aware to any underlying change and will update everything automatically. This is currently a work-in-progress.*

Steps: View -> Refresh Contents

Reset to Default Layout

Description: Reset the current layout to the default layout provided by Cutter.

Steps: View -> Reset to default layout

Reset to Default Settings

Description: Reset the current settings to the default settings defined by Cutter.

Steps: View -> Reset Settings

Lock and Unlock Panels

Description: Allow or disable moving and closing of different widgets. Uncheck this option to prevent accidentally modifying current layout.

Steps: View -> Unlock Panels

Show Tabs at the Top

Description: Toggle the position of the tab bar.

Steps: View -> Show Tabs at the Top

Grouped Dock Dragging

Description: When enabled, dragging a widget will also drag the widgets which are grouped to it. You can drag a specific widget from a group by dragging from the tab itself and not from the title bar. Disable this option to always drag individual widgets.

Steps: View -> Grouped dock dragging

Zoom In

Description: Zoom-In inside different widgets such as Graph, Disassembly and Hexdump.

Steps: View -> Zoom -> Zoom In

Shortcut: Ctrl + +

Zoom Out

Description: Zoom-Out inside different widgets such as Graph, Disassembly and Hexdump.

Steps: View -> Zoom -> Zoom Out

Shortcut: Ctrl + -

Reset Zoom

Description: Reset the zoom to its default size.

Steps: View -> Zoom -> Reset

Shortcut: Ctrl + =

Manage Layouts

Description: Rename and delete saved layouts.

Steps: View -> Manage layouts , select layout, choose command

Save Layout

Description: Save the current layout with a given name. A layout includes the set of currently opened widgets, their position, and some properties.

Steps: View -> Save Layout , enter a layout name in the dialog.


Description: Load the settings from the selected layout into the current layout. Loading a layout will not cause it to automatically be modified. To do that you must use the Save layout command.

Steps: View -> Layouts -> layout name