class ColorPicker

The ColorPicker class provides widget that allows user to pick color from screen or from palette or type in HSV or RGB or HEX representation of color.

Inherits from ColorPickerHelpers::ColorPickWidgetAbstract

Public Functions

ColorPicker(QWidget *parent = nullptr)
bool isPickingFromScreen() const

isPickingFromScreen returns true if color picker is picking from screen.

void setAlphaEnabled(bool enabled)

Public Slots

void setColor(const QColor &color)

setColor sets displayed color to color and emits colorChanged signal.

void colorChannelChanged()
void updateColor(const QColor &color)

updateColor sets displayed color to color.

void startPickingFromScreen()

startPickingFromScreen starts process of picking from screen. Function is called automatically when “Pick from screen” button is clicked.

void stopPickingFromScreen()

stopPickingFromScreen terminates process of picking from screen.