class DisassemblyWidget : public MemoryDockWidget

Public Functions

explicit DisassemblyWidget(MainWindow *main)
QWidget *getTextWidget()

Public Slots

void highlightCurrentLine()

Highlights the currently selected line and updates the highlighting of the same words under the cursor in the visible screen. This overrides all previous highlighting.

void highlightPCLine()

Adds the PC line highlighting to the other current highlighting. This should be called after highlightCurrentLine since that function overrides all previous highlighting.

void showDisasContextMenu(const QPoint &pt)
void fontsUpdatedSlot()
void colorsUpdatedSlot()
void scrollInstructions(int count)
void seekPrev()
void setPreviewMode(bool previewMode)
QFontMetrics getFontMetrics()
QList<DisassemblyLine> getLines()

Public Static Functions

static QString getWidgetType()