class AddressableDockWidget : public CutterDockWidget

Subclassed by MemoryDockWidget

Public Functions

AddressableDockWidget(MainWindow *parent)
inline ~AddressableDockWidget() override
CutterSeekable *getSeekable() const
virtual QVariantMap serializeViewProprties() override

Serialize dock properties for saving as part of layout.

Override this function for saving dock specific view properties. Use in situations where it makes sense to have different properties for multiple instances of widget. Don’t use for options that are more suitable as global settings and should be applied equally to all widgets or all widgets of this kind.

Keep synchrononized with deserializeViewProperties. When modifying add project upgrade step in SettingsUpgrade.cpp if necessary.


Dictionary of current dock properties.

virtual void deserializeViewProperties(const QVariantMap &properties) override

Deserialization half of serialize view properties.

When a property is not specified in property map dock should reset it to default value instead of leaving it umodified. Empty map should reset all properties controlled by serializeViewProprties/deserializeViewProperties mechanism.


properties – to modify for current widget

Public Slots

void updateWindowTitle()