class OverviewView

Inherits from GraphView

Public Functions

OverviewView(QWidget *parent)
void setData(int baseWidth, int baseHeight, std::unordered_map<ut64, GraphBlock> baseBlocks, DisassemblerGraphView::EdgeConfigurationMapping baseEdgeConfigurations)

Graph access this function to set minimum set of the data.

  • baseWidth: width of Graph when it computed the blocks
  • baseHeigh: height of Graph when it computed the blocks
  • baseBlocks: computed blocks passed by Graph
  • baseEdgeConfigurations: computed by DisassamblerGraphview

void centreRect()
QRectF getRangeRect()
void setRangeRect(QRectF rect)

Public Slots

void refreshView()

scale and center all nodes in, then run update


signal OverviewView::mouseMoved

signal when mouse is pressed or moved so that Graph can refresh its contents corresponded with Overview