class OverviewView : public GraphView

Public Functions

OverviewView(QWidget *parent)
~OverviewView() override
void setData(int baseWidth, int baseHeight, std::unordered_map<ut64, GraphBlock> baseBlocks, DisassemblerGraphView::EdgeConfigurationMapping baseEdgeConfigurations)

Graph access this function to set minimum set of the data.

  • baseWidth – width of Graph when it computed the blocks

  • baseHeigh – height of Graph when it computed the blocks

  • baseBlocks – computed blocks passed by Graph

  • baseEdgeConfigurations – computed by DisassamblerGraphview

void centreRect()
inline QRectF getRangeRect()
void setRangeRect(QRectF rect)

Public Members

ut64 currentFcnAddr = RVA_INVALID

keep the current addr of the fcn of Graph Everytime overview updates its contents, it compares this value with the one in Graph if they aren’t same, then Overview needs to update the pixmap cache.

Public Slots

void refreshView()

scale and center all nodes in, then run update


void mouseMoved()

signal when mouse is pressed or moved so that Graph can refresh its contents corresponded with Overview