class GraphView : public QAbstractScrollArea

Subclassed by DisassemblerGraphView, OverviewView

Public Types

enum Layout


enumerator GridNarrow
enumerator GridMedium
enumerator GridWide
using GraphBlock = GraphLayout::GraphBlock
using GraphEdge = GraphLayout::GraphEdge

Public Functions

GraphView(QWidget *parent)
~GraphView() override
void showBlock(GraphBlock &block, bool anywhere = false)
void showBlock(GraphBlock *block, bool anywhere = false)
void showRectangle(const QRect &rect, bool anywhere = false)

Move view so that area is visible.

  • rect: Rectangle to show

  • anywhere: - set to true for minimizing movement

GraphView::GraphBlock *getBlockContaining(QPoint p)

Get block containing specified point logical coordinates.


Block or nullptr if position is outside all blocks.

  • p: positionin graph logical coordinates

QPoint viewToLogicalCoordinates(QPoint p)
void setGraphLayout(Layout layout)
Layout getGraphLayout() const
void paint(QPainter &p, QPoint offset, QRect area, qreal scale = 1.0, bool interactive = true)
void saveAsBitmap(QString path, const char *format = nullptr, double scaler = 1.0, bool transparent = false)
void saveAsSvg(QString path)
QPoint getViewOffset() const
void setViewOffset(QPoint offset)
qreal getViewScale() const
void setViewScale(qreal scale)
void center()
void centerX()
void centerY()


void viewOffsetChanged(QPoint offset)
void viewScaleChanged(qreal scale)
struct EdgeConfiguration

Public Members

QColor color = QColor(128, 128, 128)
bool start_arrow = false
bool end_arrow = true
qreal width_scale = 1.0
Qt::PenStyle lineStyle = Qt::PenStyle::SolidLine