class SimpleTextGraphView : public CutterGraphView

Graphview with nodes containing simple plaintext labels.

Subclassed by CallGraphView, GenericRizinGraphView

Public Functions

SimpleTextGraphView(QWidget *parent, MainWindow *mainWindow)
~SimpleTextGraphView() override
void drawBlock(QPainter &p, GraphView::GraphBlock &block, bool interactive) override


  • p: painter object, not necesarily current widget

  • block:

  • interactive: - can be used for disabling elemnts during export

GraphView::EdgeConfiguration edgeConfiguration(GraphView::GraphBlock &from, GraphView::GraphBlock *to, bool interactive) override
void setBlockSelectionEnabled(bool value)

Enable or disable block selection. Selecting a block highlights it and allows copying the label. Enabled by default.

  • value:

Public Slots

void refreshView() override
void selectBlockWithId(ut64 blockId)

Select a given block. Requires block selection to be enabled.